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$19.95 + $6.50 s/h
Freehand Routed Wood Signs Made Simple

How to make freehand routed rustic wood signs.

A 45 minute instructional video with step by step sign carving instructions to teach nearly anyone how to make freehand routed rustic wood signs. Priced at only $19.95 (plus $6.50 S&H).

The CartersIn the video you'll see this sign shown to the left "The Carter's", being made step by step from start to finish.

Even if you don't know a thing about wood our video instructions will quickly get you up to speed. You'll learn the easy foolproof way to make a stunning wooden sign.

With this video you'll learn to make a beautiful rustic wooden sign like the ones seen on our sample page. You'll get nearly 45 minutes of step by step instructions on how to layout, carve, and finish a routed wood sign.

You can consider this a "crash course" in getting you ready to start making great looking wooden signs ... for yourself, or your friends, or even as a "Money Making" enterprise.

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